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What is YourNeighbor?

YourNeighbor is a local business consulting firm that specializes in connecting individuals. Our current staff has in depth knowledge in design, writing and business solutions. As we grow our network, we will continue to add more services and products for all of our neighbors to enjoy. Please browse through our current displays and contact us with anything you may need. If you would like to offer your services we will quickly set up an entry interview and add you to the Neighborhood.

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James N. Kanka


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Illustrations by James Kanka


Below are a variety of writing examples from James Kanka. A combination of fiction, nonfiction, and technical documentation is provided to detail the versatility of James’ work. James is graduating from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Scientific and Technical Communication as well as a writing certificate.

La Jolla (le HOI-e)

La Jolla is an essay I wrote for a course at Michigan Tech. We were experimenting with combining different memories into a single essay. Please enjoy. full page version

Shipwreck Help

This document is part of a user manual that coincides with a phone application I was part of creating. The overall purpose of this document is to help users with questions, problems, or general navigation of the application. The website for the here full page version


This is James Kanka's personal resume. Our staff can assist you in creating a new resume for yourself.full page version

Personal Essay

This personal essay was for an assignment for a course at Michigan Tech. It discusses the world’s business systems and alternative means to produce a better economy.full page version

Photography Essay

This photography essay was for an assignment for a course at Michigan Tech. It discusses the ethics of photography manipulation.full page version


Our staff has been studying and involved with business for over ten years. We specialize in local business connections but our staff has a wide range of experience throughout all business aspects. James Kanka, our business specialist, has worked with many types of businesses. From a family owned candy store in Birmingham, MI, a Mexican Restaurant in Houghton, MI, a property management firm, and even an industrial pad lock company. James has also traveled Europe studying the different business techniques used overseas. We have many business plans that can be implemented for your business.

Start-Up Businesses

If you are considering starting a new business, we are here to help! With our extensive network we can assist you every step of the way. From, the beginning stages of brainstorming and creating documentation for funding, to assisting with marketing and continuous business assistance. Click the link that follows to view our Business Plan. We can schedule a meeting at anytime to work through the plan for your business. full screen version

Need a Business Website?

This entire website was designed by James Kanka. The transitional elements are taken from We can easily design or redesign a website for you. This website was designed to work on all devices as you can see below.

Need a Logo?

As you can see from the design page we can quickly design a new logo for you. Below is the logo for YourNeighbor.

Need New Business Cards?

We can also use our digital and document design experience to create new business cards for your business and employees. The QR-code on the back is a custom design; it tracks every scan allowing your business to see exactly how well your information is spreading.

Map of Travels

The above illustration is a digitized version of James Kanka and Alissa Alexander's travels across Europe. This image shows the creative potential we can offer to turn your memories into a digital element that will last forever. This image also shows the adaptive nature of our staff; when they landed in Europe they didn't know where they were going to be sleeping that night. By the end of the day they had negotiated a significant sum off of a Recreational Vehicle rental. This image shows the exact tracks they took when traveling Europe during their 5 month study abroad.

Sigma Pi Fraternity

This is an indepth vector drawing of the Sigma Pi Fraternity - Zeta Epsilon Chapter House in Houghton, MI. We have full color versions of the rest of the houses on the main page as well. These images were designed off of pictures taken from the front walkway of each house. This allows the viewer to quickly recognize the house by what they have seen here. All of which have a great significance to this company. The house in the top left, is the Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority - Alpha Chapter House. Theta Chi Epsilon is highly involved in the local community. James is an established “Theta Guy” due to his extreme dedication to the sisterhood and valued input. The house in the bottom left corner, is the current location of YourNeighbor. However, we will come to you whenever you need our assistance. Our house is just another house in our great Neighborhood. Continuing to the bottom right house, Sigma Pi Fraternity, is another Greek organization at Michigan Tech. James Kanka, and the other brothers of Sigma Pi, go out of their way every year to turn their entire house into a Haunted Haus. All proceeds are donated to the Pigs 'N Heat Foundation. The last house, in the top right corner, is the Alumni House of Michigan Tech. This building is important to our staff as we are graduates from this amazing university.

Musical Visualization

These images are pages of a design book created by James Kanka to capture his inspirations and passions in life. The design shows the creative possibilities that can be incorporated into any project you might need. This image also shows YourNeighbors appreciation for the classics and how they can be redesigned for the modern world. We do not want local businesses to lose their local feel or heritage, as this is an important part of their identity. We ensure to capture the exact feeling of your business while bringing it into a modern design for a new generation.

Pets Preps Magazine

Design doesn't only mean image creation. This illustration shows our in depth knowledge in document design as well. It is part of a pet magazine that was created by James Kanka and Billy DeMeyer. They designed the whole magazine, everything from the content, to the format in which it would be designed within every issue. YourNeighbor can easily design new paperwork for anybody, from procedural documentation that allows management to save time training, to full magazines for company newsletters.

Aviation Enterprise

Above is a logo designed for a concept Aviation Enterprise group at Michigan Tech. We can easily design, redesign, or simply bring your logo it into a digital medium.

Where's the Money

This design shows the breakdown of how money moves in and out of Michigan Tech through the Student Activity Fee. It also shows the amount of work our staff is willing to put into research. The infographic brings various information gathered across campus in order to allow students to view where their money is being used.


We also have in depth experience in engineering designs. This revolver is an exact replica of one of our clients’. James completely measured and designed the revolver in AutoDesk Inventor. Below is the print version of that same project.